Tasting a chocolate prestige is similar to that of a great wine. It obeys certain rules, immutable, dictated by tradition. Similarly, the chocolate being reactive to light, moisture, heat and odors, conservation must be of appropriate care

The richness of dark chocolate ranges aromatic than that of red wine, and that is why purists hold him in such high esteem. If you do not like chocolate with strong flavors, you might start with a dark chocolate with 45-55% cocoa, because it will not have much bitterness a higher grade.

What taste with chocolate?

There is no precise rule or unanimity! This is not to say that the choice is obvious: even if generally true lovers will advise you a coffee, or just fresh water, it must be admitted that in some cases, osmosis is sometimes rare and difficult to find.

However, here are some examples of successful agreements must try!

A quality champagne goes wonderfully with dark chocolate cocoa too hard.

The intense notes of red fruit, cherry, cassis, and silky tannins port of Ruby marry perfectly with all the fruity chocolates.

If the port is more mature (Tawny, Vintage, Colheita, Crusted Port …), its rich flavor works well with chocolate sweets with hazelnut, almond, caramel, or coffee.

Local tastes and flavor of Armagnac sublime dark chocolate and chocolate honey.

If you prefer to try a unique experience, we recommend you take your choice on an old marc de champagne (obtained by distilling grape marc fermented and matured in oak barrels), associated with a dark chocolate with a cocoa content is less to 85%.

Famous fortified wine from southwestern France, the eau-de-vie from Cognac, Pineau des Charentes offers a perfect blend with the chocolate icing.

The tangy flavor of raspberry brandy (the best being that from the distillation of wild raspberries) is driven by the chocolate raspberry, raspberry and hazelnut, or raspberry and caramel.

Regarding the coffee, cappuccino is the friend of milk chocolate or hazelnut, while the Irish coffee (one volume of whiskey to three volumes of coffee), fits well with the chocolate mint.

With a mocha, smell and velvety soft, from Ethiopia, Brazil (or even better, Guatemala!), It can no doubt play the card of intense dark chocolate.

Finally, with an espresso, the simplicity is: We suggest you enjoy it with a grain of chocolate covered coffee beans.

How to store?

Long to enjoy your purchase in ideal conditions for tasting, it is necessary to protect your chocolates in an airtight container placed in a cool, dark place at a temperature below 18 ° C.

If you keep them in the fridge (we recommend you do for chocolate cream), we advise you to appreciate all their taste, arrange them in the bottom compartment, and four hours after the sample removing them from their box.

As for truffles and chocolate candy, it is best to ask your master chocolatier, who knows its own products and is best placed to speak. Note that if white spots form on its surface, it is a sign that the chocolate has been exposed to heat and excessive moisture (but its taste is not altered to the same). Absolutely avoid light, which has the effect of rancid chocolate.