Wine pairing tablets


Chocolate and wine pairing

Chocolate and wine pairings

Are getting popular and we are following the trend with our 7 chocolate bars that cover all types of wines

At the end of a meal, the combination of Choco-wine or Choco-port will perfectly satisfy your sweet palate and gourmet taste.

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Here are the chocolate and wine pairing tablets:


White wine

White wine

Combine this complex, silky and fine chocolate with your favourite white wines. Herbaceous aromas teether with fresh citrus enlighten to create a perfect harmony.

Enjoy with

Chardonnay – Sauvignon Blanc – Pinot Gris – Riesling – Chablis

Grand reserve

Grand reserve wines

Chocolate, with refined qualities that have aromas reminiscent of long aging in wood barrels and in bottles.

With aromas of dried fruits, nuts, sponge toffee and caramel. Perfect to pair with wines aging in your cellar or grand reserve wines.

Pair with wines from Tuscany – Bordeaux – Australia – United States

Aromatic and corpulent

Aromatic and full-bodied

Chocolate with a large concentration of cocoa that leaves a tendering presence.

A special touch of fine sea salt has been added to this chocolate to complement these wines that enjoy some bitterness.

Rhône – Languedoc – Sardina – Sicily – Douro – Shiraz – Malbec – Cabernet Sauvignon – Cru de Bordeaux

Aromatic and tender

Aromatic and smooth wines

Rich and sweet tasty chocolate. A touch of spice is provided by a delicate presence of medium strong chocolate of high quality.

With aromas of baked fruit and floral, the pair complements a medium-bodied wine.

Chile – Rhône – Italy – Spain (Grenache) – Argentina – Bordeaux (regular)

Fruity and supple

Fruity and supple wines

Soft chocolate with delicate fruity aromas. A small percentage of acidity is present in this recipe, which helps balance chocolate with these wines.

Beaujolais – Valpollicella – Bourgogne – Pastoutgrain – Pinot Noir – Italian Merlot

Sweet and fine liquors

Sweet and fine liqueurs

Delicious and creamy chocolate that creates a fantastic experience with both sparkling wines ans sweet liqueurs.

With aromas of tropical fruits, this chocolate is an excellent complement to delicious sweet wines.

Pair with Sparkling wines – white banyuls – moscato sweet wines – Fine liqueurs (Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Frangelico…)


Port wines

High quality dark chocolate, roasted for a smooth bitterness.

An ideal match for the sweet flavour of many port wines.